Biosens 600

Detection of explosives and drugs

BIOSENS®600 detects traces of explosives and drugs quickly at high sensitivity and low false alarm rate.

Employed at locations such as border control and high-security places, BIOSENS®600 increases the probability to stop illegal substances.

World’s most selective drugs & explosives detector and Rapid on-­‐site screening of drugs

Detection  of  both  drug  abuse  and  trace:
BIOSENS®600  enables detection of explosives through trace samples and drugs through trace, oral, or sweat samples. In  addition; traces from surfaces are quickly and easily detected.  All options are available in the same equipment with no additional time required to shift between detection modes. 

Drug/Trace screening within 30-­60 seconds:

A BIOSENS®  trace screening takes around  30  seconds. A BIOSENS® oral test takes less than  60  seconds, enabling rapid  on-­‐site  screening to a  low cost.  

Non-­‐intrusive  and hygienic sample collection: Few steps to detection BIOSENS®600 have a  fast and simple collection procedure for trace,  oral or sweat samples.  Taking only a few seconds,  it is unmatched inefficiency.  A  quick swab over the tongue (oral)  or sweat  (skin)  or trace (any object)  collects enough specimens for a reliable analysis. Subsequently, the sample is analyzed in less than one minute.

Non-­‐intrusive  and hygienic sample collection: BIOSENS®  sample devices are designed with respect to the integrity of everyone tested. Taking oral or sweat samples is a secure and observable procedure that eliminates manipulation.