TTEW201 Law Enforcement Electroshock Weapon

Since every violent incident has far-reaching social effects in daily life, if the violent incident is not controlled in time or its severity is reduced, it will have a great negative impact on public confidence and endanger the authority of the government. , Which seriously affects the public’s trust and support for the credibility of the government. Under the current situation, how to quickly remove the perpetrator’s ability to perpetrate violence without endangering the perpetrator’s life, and how to enhance the ability of law enforcement personnel to control the scene of violence, are issues that the government, public security and other relevant law enforcement agencies need to solve urgently.

Technical Parameter

• Pulse high voltage output ≥ 47,000 volts
• Single pulse high voltage output time is 7 seconds, can output multiple times continuously
• The farthest shooting distance is up to 5 meters
• Auxiliary lighting power≥5W
• Quick bomb change time 3~5 seconds (replacement of bomb body components)
• The resolution of the recording video is 1920×1080, and one segment is saved every minute, and the total recording time is ≥60 minutes
• Identification bracelet communication method: wireless near field communication
• Positioning method of location tracker: GPS


• Laser assisted aiming function: it can be used as a guide mark for aiming according to the spot formed when the laser sight acts on the target being aimed at;

•  Auxiliary lighting function: the auxiliary lighting at the front of the gun body can provide auxiliary lighting for dark places and law enforcement video;

•  Law enforcement record function: After the gun body is pulled out of the holster, the law enforcement record function will automatically record and record on-site through the built-in camera and microphone, and then read the recorded files through the USB interface for playback, providing first-hand information for law enforcement evidence collection ;

•  Recognition function of friend or foe: The function of recognizing friend or foe is realized by matching the identification bracelet with the gun body one-to-one. The wireless near-field communication between the identification bracelet and the gun body can be authorized to control the power on and off of the gun body. When the gun body is lost or robbed, it cannot be opened because the authorized signal of the bracelet on the wearer’s wrist is not obtained. Use, when the near-field wireless communication between the gun body and the identification bracelet fails, the power will be automatically turned off after the authorization is not obtained;

•  High-voltage shock function: After the electric shock projectile is fired or when the shock projectile is not installed, the stun gun can be used as an electric rod, and the high-voltage electrode at the front can be used for discharge to deter or strike the target;

•  Positioning tracking function: a positioning tracker is designed on the holster. When the gun body is pulled out of the holster, the positioning tracker will automatically obtain the positioning information of the current position through the GPS satellite positioning system, and report the positioning information through the GPRS communication network On the software of the command center, the command center can flexibly dispatch police forces for support based on the reported information. A magnetic adsorption device is also designed on the location tracker, which can be quickly detached from the holster when necessary, concealedly adsorbed or placed in a suspicious vehicle or device, and used as a tracker