Evolv Technology- Evolv Edge

Evolv Technology is a leader in providing high-speed smart checkpoint system. Its leading product, Evolv Edge, looks for a wide range of weapons, metallic and non-metallic items of interest at approximately 2.5X the throughput of legacy metal detectors.    With Evolv Edge, no stopping, no emptying of pockets or removing of bags is required – people simply walk through Evolv Edge holding their bags at their side. If a potential threat is detected, the Evolv high-speed smart checkpoint system instantly identifies the person as well as the location of the weapon on the screen to the security team.

The product is suitable for public venues such as stadiums and arenas, convention centres, hospitals, museums, iconic structures, performing arts venues, places of worship, and more.

Benefits of Evolv Edge are listed as follows:

  1. High throughput rate:

As no stopping is required, only Evolv Edge can screen 800-3600 people per hour.

  1. Frictionless screening: 

There is no need to empty pockets or remove bags; visitors simply walk through naturally. This tremendously reduces the hassle and time spent on screening.

  1. Targeted searches, reducing the burden on security teams:

Evolv’s AI threat classification software distinguishes between threats such as a gun, suicide vests, explosives threats, and even personal items we normally carry like a cell phone. The system shows exactly where weapons may be concealed on the person’s body or in their bag, allowing the security personnel to take precise actions.

  1. Gets smarter over time:

Evolv edge, powered by Cortex AI Software Platform, learns to become more intelligent as new threat profiles are discovered.

Why Evolv?

Evolv has screened over 25 million people, prevented thousands of threats from entering venues. It is the only inspection system that looks for both metallic and non-metallic threats without emitting radiation and outlines.