IDSS 3D X-Ray – Detect 1000

1. Fully Automated and Effective Threat Detection – Best Ever Tested by TSA 2. An Extremely Low False Alarm Rate – Lowest Ever Achieved 3. Low Cost of Ownership and Operational Support Cost – Designed to Cost Achieved 4. High Reliability and Availability with Simple Maintainability – 99.9% Availability 5. Full Form, Fit and Function Compatibility with Existing Checkpoints – Fully TSA Compliant 6. Completely Safe Operation and Radiation Compliant – UL/CE Independently Verified

Utilizing patent-pending Dual Energy Computer Tomography (DECT), the DETECT™ 1000 quickly analyzes the material contents of carry-on bags, to accurately detect of a wide range of threats while significantly limiting the number of False Alarms. The DETECT™ 1000 at a rate of as many as 880 Bags per Hour.

Weapons are Easy to Find Using DETECT™ High Resolution

Automated Weapons Detection 

Security is changing to automated CT detection technology and the IDSS DETECT™ 1000 is the Most Advanced Checkpoint Solution available world-wide!