Metrasens-Proscreen 500

Proscreen 500 provides the portability, flexibility, discretion and security that facilities need to maintain control of your most sensitive information. Featuring patented, ferromagnetic detection (FMDS) technology, Proscreen 500 excels in the detection of small and often concealed restricted items. Particularly effective at detecting data recording devices, as well as small weapons such as handguns and knives.

Featuring highly effective ferromagnetic detection (FMDS) technology, Proscreen 500 has been designed to keep dangerous items from getting in, and sensitive items from getting out. Proscreen 500 benefits include:

Superior Detection: Far more precise, sensitive, and reliable than traditional walk-through metal detectors and hand wands. Detects all types of electronic items such as cell phones, recording devices, hard drives, fitness trackers, and more.

Unlimited Deployment Options: At just 20 lb, the Proscreen 500 can be moved to any location using the included base or it can be wall-mounted.

Easy To Use: Quickly and easily adjust sensitivity settings to suit the detection requirements needed when screening people of varying security levels.

100% Safe: The Proscreen 500 is a passive detector with no emissions of any kind. It’s perfectly safe for all individuals, including those who are pregnant or have surgical implants.
Systems Integration: Dry contacts allow for integration into PSIM’s, access control systems, and/or video surveillance systems.

No software, middleware, or firmware.

Maintenance Free: Unlike other technologies, there is no calibration, no annual battery replacement and no required service calls.

Covert Screening: Proscreen 500 can be placed out of view behind objects, doors and walls made of concrete, drywall, cinder block and steel studs.

Training: Receive complete onsite training at your pace and on your schedule.

High Traffic Capabilities: 40 to 50 people can be screened per minute and thousands can be screened on a single charge.