OD Security – Soter RS

SOTER RS • Head to toe full-body scanner • Detects all types of contraband • The highest available image quality • Worldwide proven technology • No radiation for operators


The Soter body scanner achieves a 100% detection score with ultra-low radiation exposure. Like an eagle, the Soter body scanner effortlessly reveals any hidden item, either inside or outside the human body. Imagine what the Soter body scanner, combined with our game-changing database possibilities could do for your facility.

If you’re looking for the best solution to take your facility’s security to the next level, the Soter RS body scanner is the answer. Within a matter of seconds any hidden item imaginable will be revealed. This way, thanks to the Soter RS’ eagle eye, no contraband will ever escape your attention.


The highest image quality, the best detection

We combine the absolute best detector technology with our superior software solutions, resulting in the highest quality full body images.

Advanced image optimization

Manually adjustable filters and effects allow for specific image enhancements, enabling you to reveal all different types of contraband in the best, clearest way possible.

Insights and intelligence through data collection

All data stored in the local or central database offers a wide range of valuable insights, benefitting your facility in numerous ways.