OD Security – Soter RS Body Scanner

ODSecurity has been leading the application of X-ray technology for over 50 years. The Company has achieved worldwide recognition by developing and producing the Odelca, the first scanner used commercially in large scale medical examinations. To date more than 20,000 units have been sold and installed

ODSecurity offers the Soter RS Through Body Scanner as the perfect adoption of proven technology to replace strip search procedures. Human behaviour during a search can be unpredictable, but with the Soter RS Through Body Scanner, contraband can be identified safely and more effectively. The result is an instantaneous, high-quality head-to-toe body scan: a 100% screening of the person in question. The Soter RS not only reveals all sorts of metal and plastic, but also organic material. Our body scanner supplies full HD plus images by and for your staff. The extensive possibilities for analysis easily detect a wide range of contraband.

The Soter RS will substantially save your security process time. We can also provide the machine with an additional operating console, which speeds up the throughput time.

Certified and Specialized 
The Soter RS is manufactured in the Netherlands. The manufacturing is set up according to the modern principles of high-tech production. ODSecurity is ISO certified and has close partnerships with research institutes and specialized companies. The main objective for ODSecurity is to constantly improve the technology and always look for better solutions through sophisticated use of high-tech features.

ODSecurity is familiar with the legislation and supports the application of licenses. The Soter RS is delivered with clear test protocols and reports on how to use and install them.
We support you in aiming for maximum security for your personnel, your visitors, and the inmates.