System Design and Consultation

As a system integrator, we know how to choose the right software and hardware for your business, we know how to integrate – how to make the best combination of different technologies from multiple proven vendors to provide you a solution that suits your business.

Project Management and Implementation

After consultation and designing the project for you, our project team will coordinate and direct project resources to meet the objectives of the project plan.

As the project unfolds, the project manager will direct and manage each activity every step of the way. During the implementation phase, we keep the project plan on track with careful monitoring and control processes to ensure the final deliverable meets the acceptance criteria set by the customer.

Post Sales Maintenance and Service

System integration is an engineering process to bring different systems and hardware components together. This process is usually performed by experienced team with technical hands on skill. TT Innovation and Technology comprises of a team with over 30 years of experience in System Integration. Our engineers and technicians have taken part in providing maintenance and services in major projects such as Jurong Island Checkpoint, Supreme Court, Esplanade Building, Changi Hospital, and more. Our team of dedicated engineers would be able to provide you a one stop solution for your needs.